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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission for Lollard Street Adventure Playground is to create and maintain a rich environment where children and young people can play, freely, with their friends, following their own interests in their own way.

We aim to create a child-centered, free, adventurous play space in the heart of Kennington, where children and young people can come and explore, create, build friendships and hang out.

Children playing basketball
An old black and white photo of the playground circa 1950's

Our History

Lollard Street Adventure Playground opened in the mid 1950’s on a derelict bomb site leftover from the Second World War. With some tools, materials and a whole load of ‘junk’, Lollard Street AP became a thriving adventure playground and community space for local children. Originally situated across the road, the playground moved to its current  location in the 1960’s to allow for the construction of the Lilian Baylis school.

In 2011, the playground was closed due to government funding cuts but was fortunately reopened in 2013 by the Kennington Association, a registered charity dedicated to improving the wellbeing of the residents of Kennington. Since then we have continued to provide an adventurous play space for local children and have been the scene of countless hours of fun, laughter and joy!


If you are interested in the history of adventure playgrounds, watch this video.

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