Kennington Association

Kennington Association (KA) is the independent local charity that manages Lollard Street Adventure Playground.

About KA

KA is a politically independent community organisation created to facilitate co-operation, communication, and recreation in and around Kennington. We were formed in 2013 and became a registered charity (1161070) in 2014.

We act as a conduit for lending a helping hand in the neighbourhood. All work is done by volunteers, except for the playworkers, management and support staff employed at the playground. All money raised is spent for the benefit of the Kennington community, with a minimum reserved for assets and expenses.

We aim to:

  • Foster a sense of community within the diverse population of the Kennington area

  • Campaign to maintain and improve public services

  • Act as an advocate in matters of public planning and architectural proposals

  • Work to protect Kennington’s historical heritage and improve its amenities and environment

  • Work to promote the general health and well-being of its people

  • Work with other groups and authorities, as appropriate, to these ends

KA and Lollard Street

In 2013, Lambeth Council asked the local community if it would like to take over the running of Lollard Street Adventure Playground. After considering the bids of various voluntary organisations, it was agreed that the Kennington Association should take on the role, its trustees becoming the playground’s effective management committee.




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