How you can help to support Lollard Street Adventure Playground

We hope that this website has given you a good idea of the work that Lollard Street Adventure Playground does. We hope that you can see that the users really enjoy and value their time here and that it is a vital service for the local community.

What you can’t see from this website is the constant hard work and effort that is put in to keep the funds coming in to allow the play service to remain open. In these times of government cutbacks local councils are no longer support playgrounds like ours so increasingly we are having to find funds from elsewhere. We are very grateful for the funders that we are currently supported by such as BBC Children in Need and Power to Change, but we do need to keep the funds coming in.

Our aim is not just to keep the playground open but to extend and develop the services it offers to the community. To do this we need your support. The money that is raised is used on play equipment, trips out for the children and young people, staff costs, utility bills and maintenance. The children and young people are heavily involved in the decision making process of how we spend the money so that everything we do is for the enriching of the play experience for the children and young people.

If you would like to donate then please click on the DONATE button below. This will redirect you to our CAF Donate page where you can donate safely and securely to The Kennington Association, which runs the Lollard Street Street Adventure Playground. Thank you very much for your support.

If you would like more details on how else you can donate please contact us.