Covid-19: managing the risks at the playground

Help us all to be safe!

Covid-19 safety rules for parents and children at Lollard Street Adventure Playground

The coronavirus can infect people without them knowing and children are especially likely to show only mild or even no symptoms, even though they may be carrying the virus. An asymptomatic child can still infect others who may then become seriously ill.

In order to follow as closely as possible the most current government guidance[1] for out-of-school settings, we have reviewed our risk assessment and revised our approach.

The biggest changes are that we are now opening to all ages of children (6-16) whenever we are open, but for a maximum of 15 primary school and 15 secondary school children at any one time. These two groups will form separate ‘bubbles’ throughout their time at the playground.

Please be aware that although we are doing everything we can to maintain a safe environment, it is impossible to completely eliminate all risks of infection.

The charity cannot be held responsible for individual cases of infection; children attending the playground do so at their own risk.

Thank you!

Rules for families

  1. Please do not send/bring your child to the playground if they or any of your family has any of the Covid-19 symptoms:

    • A new continuous cough

    • A high temperature

    • A loss or change of smell/taste.

  2. If you have symptoms, tell your family or teacher and they will apply for you to be tested.

  3. If your child or any of your family has tested positive for Covid-19. The test centre will tell you what to do.

  4. If your child has been told to self-isolate by their school or public health officials.

  5. Within the quarantine period after travelling back from certain countries. (Please check the latest government information).

Rules for children at the playground

  1. Stay socially distant (2m) from others when queuing to enter.

  2. Wash your hands for 20 seconds after signing in.

  3. Go straight outside after signing in and follow staff instructions about which areas of the playground you may use.

  4. You will be in a group of up to 15 other children of your age range (either primary or secondary). Please remain in this group and do not try to mix with the other group.

  5. Remain outside in your group’s area unless needing the toilet.

  6. Even in your group, remain 1-2m apart from others as much as possible. Avoid close or direct contact.

  7. Wash your hands for 20 seconds after using the toilet, and before eating and drinking anything.

  8. If you need to sneeze or blow your nose, use a tissue and throw it away immediately afterwards. If you don’t have a tissue, ask a member of staff.

  9. If you begin to feel unwell, tell a member of staff immediately.

Thank you. Please stay safe … and have fun!

[1] Current government guidance can be found here

A full copy of our Covid-19 risk assessment can be downloaded here.