Opening times and information for parents and carers

Important Notice: Playground closed

Tier 4 restrictions in London regrettably mean that the playground will be closed until further notice.

Information for parents and carers

Other than for Covid lockdowns and other restrictions, Lollard Street Adventure Playground is open to all children and young people aged 6-16 years old. We run a completely free play service.

  • Registration
    All children attending must be registered. This can be done on-line, or we will provide children with a form to take home when they first arrive. This must be filled out by a parent/carer and returned to the playground on the next day the child attends.

    Note: The Covid pandemic has forced us to limit numbers of children at the playground and, to help us achieve this, registrations are currently suspended.

  • Open-access
    We operate an open-access policy, which means children and young people can come and go from the playground on their own unless an arrangement has been made by their carer with the child. There is always a staff member at the entrance of the playground to ensure the safety of all the children and young people, and so that we know who is coming and going. Parents/Carers must arrange with their children whether they are to be collected, and by whom, or they can leave the playground on their own.

  • Food and drink
    During the play sessions, we will provide a light snack for all children and young people. This will consist of fruit, juice and a biscuit or snack bar. During holiday play schemes, children at the playground over the lunch period must either bring a packed lunch or have money to buy their own lunch, as we do not provide meals.

  • Clothing
    Please be aware that playing at the adventure playground can be messy. Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn at all times. In the winter months, please also ensure your child is warmly clothed and has a waterproof coat.

  • Staff ratio
    Currently, because of the Covid-19 pandemic,  we have a higher than usual staff: child ratio, with 6 playwork staff (barring absences)

  • Covid-19 Safety Measures
    During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing all we can to remain open while also safeguarding children, staff and the community from the risk of infection. Please familiarise yourself with the measures we are taking here.